August 19th: Trenton Cultural Center 1:00 PM-10 PM

September 9th-10th: Boho Bliss @ Vintage Market: 10 AM-6PM Saturday  Sunday 10AM-5PM

September 17, 2017: Chelsea Community Fairgrounds - Finders Keepers Vintage Market : 10AM -5PM

Ferosh Chick Pop Up Finders Keepers Vintage Market

The Vintage Market : A Starry Night

September 22: A Starry Night 7PM - Midnight

 Ferosh Chick Pop Up - The Vintage Market

Fallen Timbers : Finders Keepers Vintage Market: 

The Vintage Market - Hocus Pocus

October 7th: 10am-6pm : Hocus Pocus
October 8th: 10am-5pm : Hocus Pocus

 Ferosh Chick Pop Up - Hocus Pocus

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017: All Things Detroit 10 AM-4 PM

Ferosh Chick All Things Detroit

December 17th: 10am-5pm Home for the Holidays - Vintage Market

Ferosh Chick Pop Up Home for the Holidays


Contact us at feroshchick@gmail.com for pop-up opportunities/inquiries.