The Five Best Sweaters of 2021 to Shop Now

You can never have too many sweaters. They all have something different to offer- Whether it be coziness, comforting or style. Sweaters are not just for the winter, if your like me you wear them all year long. I live in Michigan where our winters can be simply brutal and below freezing. Knock on wood we have been pretty lucky this far with above normal temps. However, I have still been strong in my sweater game. Even in the summertime when everyone cranks that air conditioning up I always have a sweater with me.

I simply love sweaters because they are not just super comfy and comforting but can take your style next level. From dreamy all the way to bringing your look to the edge. Some of my personal favorite sweaters are cable knits, oversized sweaters and knit sweaters. Stay tuned for the five best sweaters of 2021, that are available now!

Laced Up Knit Sweater

This sweater gives me all the unique vibes. This gem of a knit sweater is so comfortable and proves casual can be upped a notch. I love this laced up sweater because of the simple detail that gives it such a pop of style.

laced up knit sweater


Ribbed Criss Cross Sweater

The quality and thickness of this sweater is seriously on point. It's thick but extremely breathable and will keep you warm without heating you up. The criss cross design of this sweater is so cute, I just can't get over it.

knit criss cross sweater in black


Soft As a Cloud Cowl Neck Sweater

Okay..... in all seriousness this is one of the softest sweaters. The cowl neck design is on point and asymmetrical ribbed design is giving us all the vibes. The open drape and tight three quarter sleeve design is everything and exactly why this one made our list.

white soft cowl neck sweater


Knit Hoodie in Black

When is the last time you saw a knitted hoodie? Yeah me either. This is one of the cutest and most comfortable hoodies I have worn. I like it because the design is unique and it just has a chic feminine look. 

black knit hoodie


Be a Babe Balloon Knit Sweater

Last, but definitely not least. This balloon knit sweater has such a chic design and fits in all the right places. The balloon sleeve is a 2021 must have and is trending off the charts.

balloon sleeve knit sweater


XoXo// Sarah



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