2021 Best Boot Popular Trends

2021 most popular boot trends


During the pandemic, I am not going to lie, all I wore were my slip on shoes. I know many of you can relate, I mean honestly it was kind of nice to feel relaxed and not having to strut your stuff for a change. This 2021 its a whole new ballgame. Were all ready to leave this pandemic behind and move forward, but you need your hottest boots to stomp all over 2021.

When I hit my closet this year I decided to purge all those throwback boots and kick em' to the curb, for good reason. The newest trends will knock your socks off and I am so excited to share them all with you.

When your looking for the best 2021 boot trends a.k.a the hottest footwear around, keep your eyes on those staple pieces. We want nothing average, original or in other words "blah" This year were going for the trendiest looks yet and kickin' it up a notch. Literally!

First, one of the most trendy designs this new year 2021, are animal print. My personal absolute favorite chic stylish boots are the faux snake print vegan leather booties. These animal print booties are well made and easy to break in. The faux snake skin print gives your look that extra pop. You can wear these with your favorite jeans, faux leather leggings or faux leather shorts for a stylish look.

Ferosh Chick Vegan Leather Faux Snakeskin Print Bootie

faux snake skin print boots

Doc Marten Quad Chelsea Boot

Next up, were going to look at some white boots. This season one of the most popular boot trends are any boots are any shade of white. Were going to go casual with this one. Introducing, the favorite Quad Chelsea Boot. Doc martens is killin' the comfy streetwear boot, and its carrying all the way into2021. Needless to say, these boots aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Doc marten Chelsea Quad

Moving along, the fashion squared chunky block heel .These boots give such an edge and are highly rated. The best part, they even come in faux snake skin print and an array of other colors. This design is literal all perfection in one chunky block heel boot.

black chunky block heel boots



Sam Edelman Women's Darielle Ankle Boot

sam edelman darielle boots

Like I said, chunky boots are among the hottest trends for 2021. You can keep it casual or dressed up to nail any look. These boots seriously make me so happy. They come in two of the best boot colors, white and black. The chunky white boot can kick your streetwear casual vibes up a notch this one of them best staples around. These also come in black, which will take your dressed up look to a whole new look of edge.

XOXO// Sarah


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